Sunday, March 22, 2020


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Here's the BAMF Episode where the winners were announced:

Gamer’s Choice Awards
1) The winner of the Gamer’s Choice Poll this year was Hit the Streets: Defend the Block from Orklord Games
2) The VERY close runner-up was Tiny Supers from Gallant Knight Games
3) 3rd place goes to City of Mist Core Bundle: Player’s Guide and MC Toolkit from Son of Oak Game Studio

Judges’ Spotlight Awards
JUDGES: Alice Peng and Brandon Powers – hosts of the Babies with Knives podcast.
1) Hit the Streets: Defend the Block
This game is quick to learn and fun for short campaigns. I especially loved the block generation, it takes the concept of interconnecting characters to another level.

2) Spectaculars from Scratchpad Publishing
The modular “Mad Libs” approach to roleplaying “Your Comic Book” in this game can really get your group started. Even if you just use this game’s content to jumpstart your superhero campaign, there are lots of elements to experiment with. Honestly, I’m looking at using it as a character and world building tool.

3) Tiny Supers
In this modern age of quick to learn and play games, Tiny Supers is a quick read and go system. They provide you a number of settings to inspire as well.

JUDGE: Walt Robillard – Owner of Hazard Studios
1) Survive This: Vigilante City – Superhero Team UP By Bloat Games
The main series of these books build upon the author’s love of 1990’s animated superhero shows and this book takes that admiration and sings it from the top of a skyscaper (shrouded in shadows and lightning of course). With new content to support the original game (gear, vehicles, skills, etc) and a host of goodies to round out your characters (Such as building and stocking the perfect team crash pad), this book ratchets the original to a new level. All this hits even before the blocks on how to build a kick butt team and get them into action. Fun book for a fun game.

2) Survive This: Vigilante City – Into the Sewers By Bloat Games
If you loved reading the comics or watching the shows of the radioactive anthropomorphic super heroes from back in the day, this supplement for Survive This: Vigilante City is for you. Mutations, animal types, and sewer hazards oh my!

Get this book and bask in the radioactive glory!

JUDGE: Alexander Thomas – Novelist and RPG Freelancer with Green Ronin
1) The 3D Print It line from HAZARD Studio/New Millennium Games
They’ve come out with a number of terrain designs that are compatible with 3-D printers. What’s great about these is that they are specifically for the super hero genre, something that is woefully underserved in the terrain piece department. I think these first few products are a great start for the company and I can’t wait to see them branch out into larger pieces in the future.

Congratulations to all the winners.