Actual Plays

Actual Plays of Superhero RPGs

The mission of the BAMFSIES is to draw attention to Superhero RPGS and maybe introduce some of those games to a new audience.
Actual Play sessions are a great way to get a feel for a new game before trying it out.
Below we've posted links to a handful of APs. Please feel free to let us know of others in the comments and we'll add them to the list.

Base Raiders One Shot

Thirty Days to Save Science City One Shot (Fate Venture City Stories)

ICONS Assembled One Shot Legion of Super Rebels

Episodes from a M&M 2e Campaign First Wave

Hero System/Champions

Mutants and Masterminds play-by-post threads from the Atomic Think Tank forum
Number one
Number two

Mutants and Masterminds Actual Play on Punching for Justice podcast

Jared Rascher's Marvel Heroic Roleplaying "Breakout" and "Civil War" campaign (16 videos)
Link to first video

Stephen Chast's Marvel Heroic Roleplaying "Age of Apocalypse" campaign (14 videos)
Link to first video

SUPERS! Actual Play

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  1. Masks and Mayhem is an actual play using Mutant and Masterminds 3rd edition. They just released their 18th episode this week, been going since October.